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Welcome To Teenpatti master is a popular card game originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is often referred to as the Indian Poker, played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers. The game can be played by 3 to 6 players and involves betting and bluffing, making it a game of skill, strategy, and chance. Teen patti master APK brings this traditional game to your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy the excitement anytime, anywhere 3 patti master real money.

Teen Patti Master download

Download Latest Version Teen patti master Apk & Get ₹200 instant. And Earn Daily ₹2000 by Playing Games.

Version: Latest 2023, Size: 43 MB

About Teen patti master APK

All My Best Friend, you all know that I have written about Online Earning App for a long time on Other website. But today we’re going to talk about the 2023 Best Popular 3 patti master real money Application. Friends, you won’t know that 80% of people have been looked up on the Internet in the Social Media App I tell you about, which is called Teen patti master Apk


App Name Teenpatti master APK
APK Size 43 MB
Version Latest 2023
Sign-up Bonus 20₹
Refer & Earn 20₹/- + 30% life time income
Active User 5 Lakh +
Download Link Click Here

This Teenpatti master app is a one-of-a-kind game that is very fun and Easy to 3 patti master real money When you sign up for this game and you get a 20 “Welcome Bonus” Instant.

On the other hand, these apps have given you a lot of ways to make money, such as Refer & Earn. Do you want to change your life because of all these programs Then read this post until this point so you don’t miss even a little bit of what it says.

How To Download Teen  master APK New Version

If you want to download this Teenpatti master app this Taurus Company can also help you do it Just follow the steps below.

For the Refer-and-Earn program, you need to Download the Taurus Cash app. Which is also available in the Google Play Store, and we’ll show you how to get it below.

    • F official site, you’ll see a button with a download link.

    • After that you can put this app on your phone by tapping on the button here that says download.

How to Register for the Teenpatti master App

    • You must first download and install the Teenpatti master app on your smartphone.

    • Ige.

Instant Withdraw :- After Winning Money You Can Withdraw Money instantly into Your Bank Account.

Good Customer Support :- If You Have Any doubt in Adding Money or any Other then You can Chat with Customer Support System of Teen Patti Master.

high Commission in Refer & Earn :- Get ₹20 on sign-up and 30% Lifetime referral Commission.

Gifts – Send fun and exciting gifts

Weekly Bonus & Monthly Bonus:- If You Play Game & Earn Money daily Then You will Also Get Weekly as well as monthly Bonus From teenpatti master game.

The Number of Games in Teenpatti master

There Are Approximately more than 20 Games available in Teenpatti master Apk. And All Games Are Very Easy to Play And Easy Win. And List of All Game given in bellow.

    • Point Rummy

    • Andar Bahar

    • Golden India

    • Bikini Paradise

    • Red VS Black

    • Cricket Heroes

    • 7Up-Down

    • Horse

    • ZANDU

    • Muflis Teenpatti

    • AK47 Teen Patti



    • IPL

Hot Games in Teenpatti master app

    • Crash

    • Car Roulette

    • Jhandi Munda

    • Dragon VS Tiger

    • Explorer Slots

    • Safari of Wealth

    • SLOT

    • Pot Blind

New Games in Teenpatti master APK

    • Safari of Wealth

    • Let’s-Party

How To Play All Games In Teenpatti master App

All Games Are Very Easy To Play I Will Discuss one by one in Below points you can check.

Dragon Vs Tiger In Teenpatti master

The Dragon v/s Tiger card game is the most popular online card game. Most individuals play Dragon versus tiger for financial gain or loss. The Dragon versus Tiger game is easy to play. Simply predict whether the Dragon or the Tiger will prevail. Thus the victor of the game is the player whose hand contains the largest card.

Choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to wager.

Choose to wager “Tiger” bet amount- 10.
If the wager on “Tiger” loses, the stake amount of 30 is selected.
If the “Tiger” wager loses, choose the stake amount of- 70.
If the wager on “Tiger” loses, choose the stake amoumy in Teenpatti master Apk

Point Rummy is one of the most played card games. This game can be played with 2 players or 6 players. To play the point rummy game, you get a table. By taking part in this table, you can play the game. To play point rummy, you must choose between a table for two players or a table for six players. The more rupees that are bet on this table, the more rupees you get if you win this game.

7 Up Down in Teenpatti master

7Up down is another well-known game. This game is easy to learn and play. In this game, you have to guess so much in an easy way that the number you come up with is either more or less than the intake number. If your guess is right, you win twice as much as how much you bet.

Jhandi Munda in Teenpatti master

Jhandi Munda is an old and well-known game. Jhandi Munda is a type of dice-based gaming game. In this game, you use dice to play. You get to eat in this game, and it’s fun to play. If you bet that you will eat briquettes.

And if the money box opens, you win. If you win, you get three times the amount of money you put in, which is so many rupees. So, if you put 100 here and win the game, you’ll get 300 back.

Slots Game in Teenpatti master

Slot is one of the most popular games at online casinos. Here, you can play the game with a Slot machine. This slot machine has a lot of different pictures. Here, we have to spin to find three images that go together. If the symbol you bet on matches the symbol you bet on, you win the cash prize.

Car Roulette Game in 3Patti Master Apk

Car Roulette is a really fun and interesting game. It’s very easy to play this game. To play this game, a table is set up in front of you. On this table, there are logos for many different kinds of cars. Now you have to click on the logo of the car you want to bet on. If you stop the roulette wheel here, on the Logo, you win.

Fishing War Game in 3pattiMaster

The game Fishing War is quite entertaining to play. this game also gives players the opportunity to make money. You have to kill the fish in order to progress through this game. You have the expectation that this game will prove to be the absolute best game available to you within the Teen Patti game program.

Red Vs Black in 3Patti Master Game

Red vs black is a fantastic card game that has gained a lot of popularity recently. If you are not familiar with other card games, then you will find that this particular card game is really easy to learn and play. You just have to make a quick estimate as to whether or not the bite here will open up black or red. You will win this round of the game if your guess is correct.

Candy Party Game in TeenPatti Master

The game known as Candy Party is one that is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from small children to old people. Believe me when I tell you that the Candy party game is going to be a lot more entertaining for you to play. The gameplay of this game is extremely easy; all you need to do is match up the candies in sequence. If you are the lucky winner of this competition, you will be awarded the cash prize.

3 Patti War game in Master Teen Patti

The card game known as 3 Patti War is a game of strategy. In order to participate in the 3 Patti War game, you will first receive a table at which you can play the Teen Patti game with the other people in your apogee group. If you hold the best card possible, you will be able to win every game that is being played here. You need to have a solid understanding of all of the rules of the Teen Patti game in order to participate in this game.

Teen Patti Master Golden India Game

The game of Golden India requires zero expertise on your part to win. This twist on the game simplifies gameplay considerably. Here, you’ll be provided with a machine on which a wide variety of symbols, or icons, will appear. When you skin, you can also win if three identical symbols line up in a row. And your return on investment (in Indian rupees) will be threefold.

Teen Patti Master AK47 

The AK-47 game is purely a betting game as well. First and foremost, you need to be familiar with the AK47 game’s rules in order to participate. Once you’ve mastered Teen Patti, you might think that playing it here would be much more exciting.

Baccarat AB Game Teen Patti Master Download

The baccarat AB game is easy to play. You can open this game just like you would a table. That’s where I’ll be opening the first one (card, card). If you can correctly predict whether the card will open from the inside or the outside, you’ll earn points.

Teen Patti Master- Wingo Lottery 

Playing Wingo Lottery, a form of gambling, is a game of pure chance. Here, you can choose to wager on either the red or blue ball, or even on a specific number if you choose. You win the game if your prediction holds. If you win, you’ll receive three times as much money.

How to Register in 3 Patti Master Game Apk?

Follow All The Step given Bellow carefully For Successfully Register in Teen Patti Master, You Need a Mobile Number For verification

    • After Downloading open in your moible .

    • You can Register With your mobile number as well as facebook.

    • Enter Your Mobile number.

    • click on Verify

    • Enter OTP received in you mobile.

    • then Click on Login Button.

    • You will get successfully Login.

Get Daily Rewards In Teen Patti Master 2023

Through the Daily Rewards features of this game app, all users get a free bonus of 180 every week. Through 180 Free Bonus, you can make more by playing free games. To get free bonus, you have to log in to this app every day and claim free bonus.

When you use this game app for the first time, you get a bonus of 5. For logging in on day 2, you get 6, on day 3, you get 7, on day 4, you get 8, on day 5, you get 9, on day 6, you get 10, and on day 7, you get 135. Can you get 180 for free if you sign in every day for a week?

How to promote teen patti master Game in 2023

    • You need to post promotional video/photo banner and link on social media like Facebook\Whatsapp\Youtube\Instagram\Twitter\and Telegram.

    • Used to talk to his friends around him regularly so that he could be promoted properly and he could be under him.

    • While walking, if you see passers-by queuing up to play cards offline, ask if you would like to be transferred to Teenpatti Master to play the game.

    • Write articles about what you have learned since becoming a Promoter and benefit from them for posting on blogs, articles and question and answer forums as you like.

How To Add Money in MasterTeen Patti

Everyone knows that in order to increase one’s financial standing, one must first increase one’s cash reserves. This can be done with a variety of different payment methods, including Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Other UPI, and Net Banking.

    • Click on Add Cash Button in Teen Patti master.

    • Select Amount that you Want To Add in Game Wallet.

    • Click on Next Button.

    • You will redirected to payment gateway in chrome.

    • Choose one option Phone Pay, Paytm or Google Pay.

    • click on Pay Option.

    • After Enter Your Password Your Money will Add Successfully.

How to Withdraw From TeenPatti Master Game

With the Teen Patti Master app, withdrawing money is as simple as tapping the “Withdraw” button, entering your bank account information, or UPI details, and tapping “Withdraw” again. or Follow Step by Step Process for Withdraw money.

    • Click On “Withdraw” Button Given Upper side of game.

    • Now Enter Your Name, Bank Account Number , IFSC Code.

    • Now Click on Save Button.

    • Select one Amount that you want to Withdraw

    • Minimum Withdraw is 100 Rs. only

    • Then click on withdraw. And your money will go to your bank instantly.

How To Earn Money From Refer & Earn Game of Teen Patti Master APK

teen patti refer and earn

Just like you can make money by sharing in the Torus app you can do the same thing in Teenpatti master download. you’ll see an option on the left side that says “REFER & EARN.”

    • Click on “REFER & EARN” option in Master Rummy app.

    • Copy Your Referral Link.

    • Share it in Your Facebook, instagram and Whatsapp group.

    • If anyone Download Teenpatti master download App From your link then you will get commission.

    • If your friends add money in this game then you will get 30% commission from that.

    • If you invite more people then you will get more commission.

Teen Patti Master download

How Refer & Earn Program Work in Teen Patti Master

Refer & Earn Program: With this program, you can make unique recommendation links that tell your audience to sign up and play games under the Teenpatti master download If someone clicks on the link and fills out the registration form, they will immediately be your referee.

You will get a cut of all bets made on Teenpatti master download no matter what game the player plays or whether they win or lose. You only need one link for all of your users to pay you money.

How Much is Welcome Bonus in Teen Patti Master

Under the Welcome Bonus offer, when you add payment for the first time in this app, you all get a 60% cashback bonus. If you want to get the 60% Welcome Bonus, you need to add 500 to your account. The first time you recharge your phone for 500, you get 300 back in cash.

How to Claim Free Bonus Through Gullak Bonus

Friends, all of you who use this game app can use the piggy bank to get free bonuses. Under Gullak prize Teachers, this app lets you get a 2% prize if you lose a game. If you have saved $20 in your piggy bank, then you can break it.

Monthly Card and Weekly Card in 3 Patti Master App

Friends, in this game , you can make more money by using the monthly card bonus features. You can get a good return even if you only have a small amount to spend. Under Monthly Card Bonus Features, you can choose from two plans, which we’ll tell you about below.

Weekly Card: To get the Weekly Card Bonus, you must put up 500. With the Weekly Card Bonus, you get 100 back right away when you buy the plan. After this, you’ll get an extra 80 every day for the next seven days. This way, if you put in 500, you get back 660 in a week.

Monthly Card: For the Monthly Card Bonus, you have to spend 3000. When you buy the Monthly Card plan, you get a 1,000 refund right away. After that, you get an extra 100 every day for 30 days. By spending 3000 in this way, you get 4000 back in 30 days.

Scratch Card Features in Teen Patti Master App 2023

The 3 Patti Master gives out 30 scratch cards in total. You have to buy them and use them. You’ll get a bonus every day from it, and as you move up to a better scratch card or level, your bonus will go up as well. From this area, you can make up to 1,000 Rupees per day.

How To Get Free 200₹ in Teenpatti Master

All of your friends who download this Teen Patti app will receive a free 200 bonus to utilize in the game. Here are the three things you need to do to earn a free bonus of 200.

To get your free 50 rupees, you must first download the app, register with your phone number, successfully invite two friends to join, then play the Teenpatti master game within the app. Earn money from

If you do the three things I’ve outlined above, the company will offer you a ₹100 bonus right now.

How to Claim Upto 1500₹ on First Deposit

With the spin features included in this game app, you and your friends have the potential to win a free bonus of up to 1000. For each spin, you are eligible for a free bonus of between ten and one thousand dollars under the Spin Features section. When you add at least 500 to your balance, you’ll be able to spin the wheel once.

Teen Patti Master VIP Gift Bonus

With the VIP features of this game app, you and your friends can earn an infinite supply of free bonus money to play free games. You have access to 10 different VIP programs, each with their own set of perks. The price of your VIP membership is completely up to you.

Depending on which VIP plan you activate, you’ll gain access to a variety of perks. There are VIP Bonus Daily Bonus, VIP Bonus Weekly Bonus, and VIP Bonus Monthly Bonus options. Among the VIP perk offerings, you can receive a free bonus of up to 50,000 in a single calendar month.

3 Patti Master MOD APK Customer Support

If you want customer help, you can use the Help & help program in the 3 Patti Master apk to connect to Online Customer Support and choose from a number of options. each of these options on a list What comes next is

Help Recharge 
Withdraw Help
Bonus Help
Daily Rewards
Invite Friends
VIP Card Help
Add Money Help
Other Help

As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of places where you can get good customer service, so you can get help with any problem from any of them.

Teenpatti master APK- FAQs

What is Teenpatti Master App?

3 Patti Master is one of the best Earning game in India. Android phones support this app. Skilled players can make money playing this game with friends and Also Referring This Game to friends & family and other people Also. This game is safe and legal in india. Based on your playing ability, we will pick you to attend the 3 Patti master program. Earn Money Playing 3 Patti Master. This engaging game lets you make real money at your home.

Who is The Owner of Teenpatti master Apk?

Teenpatti master app is own by Taurus Cash Pvt Ltd. which is also available on google Play Store.

How long does it take to activate the 3 Patti Master profile?

After your profile has been approved, it could take up to 48 hours for it to start working.

How do I change my profile on the 3 Patti Master Game?

You can Change After Clicking on Profile Icon. And change Your Name as well as your Profile Picture etc.

What benefits of 3 Patti Game Master App?

When you sign up in Teenpatti master Application, You can share this page on all the social media sites you usually use. You will get a bonus if any of your friends or people in your social network join Application.

Can I earn a certain amount of money using Teen Patti Master App?

Through our application proggramme, you can earn an unlimited amount of money. However, Teen Patti Master will regularly evaluate its policies and may impose limitations on this service.

How Much Minimum Withdraw Amount in Teen Patti Master Apk?

There are minimum ₹100 You can Withdraw in Teen Patti Master game.

How much Welcome Bonus do I get in Master Teen Patti Game?

Every month, a TeenPatti master player gets a different kind of Bonus. There are different names for the same thing: Welcome Bonus, Joining Bonus, and Initial Bonus you get Rs. 21 (Cash + Bonus). You can play right away at cash games. Then, when you make a deposit, you get a bonus and extra cash that make your investment worth more. Here, you can find out more about the current deals.

Is my money safe in Teenpatti master Game?

Yes, The Strongest strategy is what we at 3 Patti Master use to keep all player information and credentials safe. Rein Games, which makes Master 3 Patti, has a comprehensive information security program and information security policies. These include managerial, technical, operational, and physical security control measures that Taurus cash has put in place to protect sensitive personal data and other personal information.

Is Teenpatti master App Legal?

Teenpatti master Follow All Guidelines that’s Why it is 100% legal And Trusted.

How do I get my winning money in my account/wallet?

If you play Teenpatti master, your wins will go right into your Master account. Once the money is in your 3Patti Master account, you can get it right away in your Paytm wallet or bank account. When you cash out your wins, there are no hidden fees or extra conditions.

Are there any charges or fees on cash withdrawal in 3Patti master?

No matter how much you want to withdraw, there are no handling fees. We want transactions to be easy and smooth for our users who play.

What is the VIP Bonus in Teenpatti master?

At Master Teen Patti Game, the VIP Program starts at VIP Level 4 and above. In this, VIP Level 4 and above people have to get as many bonuses as they can in a month.

What is a Deposit Bonus in Teenpatti master?

The extra that a player gets on top of the money they put down is called a “deposit bonus.” Users can choose any deposit bonus offer that is offered at the time they add money to their account. You can use deposit bonuses when neither your winning amount nor your deposit balance has any money left in it.

How Can I Get Free Bonus Rs-100 in 3P  atti master Game?

If you want to get Rs-100 bonus for free, use this app. This application gives you three tasks that you have to do. To get the free 100 bonus, add your phone number here first. After that, you ask two other people to join you here to play the game. After that, you need to win at least 50 by playing Teen Patti here. As soon as you finish these three jobs, the company will give you a free bonus of 100.

Download Latest Version Teen patti master Apk & Get ₹200 instant. And Earn Daily ₹2000 by Playing Games.

Version: Latest 2023, Size: 43 MB

Disclaimer:- This Game Can Be Risky So Please Play on Your own Risk. you can be loss money in this game. and if you loss Teenpatti master game is not responsible. This game is only for 18+ only.